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new album Night Sailin'

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 "Se guidant à la lumière des étoiles, d’une voix sûre et pure, Yasmine pourrait bientôt en devenir une..". - Rolling Stone

"Kyd you not: We like it!" - Echoes Magazine (UK)

"La jeune et charmante diva parvient aisément à nous embarquer là où bon lui semble !" - Blues Magazine

"Une vraie révélation !" - Jazz Rhône Alpes

"Un retour éblouissant" - Le Télégramme

"Indispensable" - Paris Move

"Anders als „Showtime“, aber nicht minder entzückend !" - Sonic Soul Reviews (Germany)

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Yasmine Kyd's fifth album feels and sounds like a moonlit cruise across the musical genres that most inspire her: soul and jazz music.

Yasmine grew up on the Atlantic coast of Brittany, listening to sounds from around the globe: Berber folk music (her dad’s Algerian), jazz, soul, bossa nova and British pop music. Seamlessly piecing together her influences, she has a knack for melodies that stay with you, serviced by a distinctively mellifluous, yet powerful vocal presence. Her style as a lyricist balances interest in intimate personal experience with concern with social reality, looking at both from a poetic perspective.

The outstanding musicians sailing along with Yasmine on this album are long-time musical companions. The songs were recorded live in the studio (Wise Studio), giving the album's sound its organic and dynamic quality.

Zacharie Abraham: double bass

Leandro Aconcha: keys

Laurent Avenard: guitars

Mat' Stora: drums

Yasmine’s work has on occasion been referenced as close to that of Erykah Badu or Norah Jones. This album confirms her as a treasure of the European soul and jazz scene.

Label: Onde Music / Ropeadope

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YKYD_2020_NS_VIMP_vect_OK copy.jpg
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